Our Selection Standards for Service Providers

The selection of approved Real Estate Companies and their sales agents tops the priority list. The strength of a benefits program lies in part on its service delivery, and the importance of the agent’s role in this cannot be underestimated. Therefore, the highest level of service and professionalism is demanded from a real estate firm and its agents, when selected to provide service.

The selection process is based on a proven history of service excellence, expertise, and performance in working with customers. Agents must successfully demonstrate the dimensions and skills required for servicing preferred customers like you.

The real estate firm’s reputation and market-share are high priority. The firm must have an established customer care department and be committed to selecting and training sales associates who provide exceptional service, recognizing the customer to be a preferred buyer or seller.

Every individual agent must consistently demonstrate enthusiasm and sincere interest in the questions and concerns raised by you and your family. They must understand the impact of the move on the family and the importance placed on the selection of a new home and/or the sale of your present home. You need to feel confident the recommended agent to sell your home will be a listing specialist who has in-depth market knowledge, a proven track record in sales success, and is a full-time sales professional.

Lastly, the agency with whom we refer business must enthusiastically work with the Consultant from initiation right through a successful closing. This is a unique move management concept that will ensure you experience a high level of satisfaction.